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Research Projects
Adalberto Luis Val
ADAPTA-II INCT for Adaptation of the Amazonian Aquatic Biota.
Molecular phylogeny of Loricariidae (Siluriformes).
Biodiversity and adaptations of CYP enzymes in the Amazon Loricariidae fishes

Antonia Queiroz Lima de Souza
Study and application of the vegetal and microbial biodiversity of the Amazon - innovation and sustainability
Amazonian Endophytic Microorganisms: Sources of Metabolites for Semi-Synthesis and Biotransformation Agents
Network of studies on microbial biodiversity: Isolation, development of strategies for rapid identification, conservation, interactions between species, and biotechnological explorations
Cecilia Verônica Nunez
Expansion of the Technological and Multi-user Capacity of the MCTI-INPA
Use of Amazonian Biodiversity: Biotechnologies and Productive Chains of Natural Resources (Products)
New drugs from the Amazon Biodiversity.
Cleiton Fantin Rezende
Taxonomic and functional characterization of the intestinal bacterial microbioma of rural and urban Amerindian societies in the Brazilian Amazon: a comparative metagenomic study of the compositional structure and its relationship with food sources and prevalence.
Molecular diagnosis and occurrence of fragile X syndrome in a sample of patients with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Study of the reproductive system in the Amazonian turtle, Podocnemis expansa (Testudines, Podocnemididae) in commercial breeding grounds of chelonians.
Cytogenetic analysis and implementation of a genetic information service and clinical and dental orientation to the public attended at special patient support institutions.
Turtles of the Amazon: Conserving for the Future
Daniela Cristina Zappi
Research and conservation network of endangered Cactaceae in the state of Bahia.
Conservation studies, patterns of distribution, richness and floral biology of Cactaceae in the Concorde sierra of Sincorá, Bahia, Brazil.
Multilographic delimitation of species in the Pilosocereus aurisetus complex (CACTACEAE).
Fabíola da Costa Rodrigues
Molecular Epidemiology in Susceptibility and Severity to Leprosy
Hector Henrique Ferreira Koolen
Identification, quantification and evaluation of potential inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase and oxidative stress in Amazonian fruits.
Jacqueline da Silva Batista
Biodiversity and zoogeography of small mammals in the Guiana Shield.
Evolutionary Biology of Electrosensitive Fishes.
Joselita Maria Mendes dos Santos
Identification of the Anopheles triannulatus complex and analysis of genetic variability in Amazonian populations using DNA Barcoding and Microsatellites.
Anopheles darlingi Genomic Studies: Transcriptoma and Chromosome Physical Mapping.
Implementation and Evaluation of Malaria Control Actions in Manaus and Studies of Malaria Vectors.

Larissa de Souza Kirsch
Development of antimicrobial nanostructures for application in the cosmetic and medical areas using Aspergillus and actinomycetes of the Amazonian biome (antimicronan).
Scientific publications in mycology of transversal character: technological innovation, biotechnology and food science.
Luiz Antonio de Oliveira
AmazoMicro: Social, economic and biotechnological aspects of microorganisms in the Amazon.
Maria das Graças Vale Barbosa
Support for the expansion of the scientific production of the graduate program in Tropical Medicine at the State University of Amazonas / Tropical Medicine Foundation Dr. Heitor Veira Dourado.
Infectious and parasitic diseases: dissemination of results linked to Masters and Doctoral projects of the UEA / FMT- HVD Graduate Program in Tropical Medicine PAPAC.
Postgraduate Program in Tropical Medicine of the UEA / FMT- HVD in the pursuit of Excellence in teaching and research into tropical and infectious diseases.
Call for the promotion of short courses to develop scientific communication skills - RESEARCHER CONNECT - in 17 Brazilian states.
Response to Plasmodium infection in mosquitoes in the New World.
Support Program for Scientific Initiation (PAIC) at the Dr. Heitor Vieira Dourado Tropical Medicine Foundation (FMT-HVD).
Extension and Modernization of the Medical Entomology Collection of the Dr. Heitor Vieira Dourado Tropical Medicine Foundation.
Environmental Monitoring in the Metropolitan Region of Manaus: air quality and diseases transmitted by arthropods
Innate immune response of mosquitoes Anopheline malaria vectors to Plasmodium infection.
Support Program for Scientific Initiation (PAIC) at the Dr. Heitor Vieira Dourado Tropical Medicine Foundation (FMT-HVD).
Leishmaniasis Mucosa in populations of the Amazon Region Evaluation of factors associated to its occurrence, etiological agents, evolutionary and immunological aspects, with emphasis on Leishmania (Viannia) guyanensis.
Evaluation of new tools for the control and monitoring of malaria transmission: integration with treatment of other diseases and surveillance of non-anopheline culicidae.
Miriam Silva Rafael
Study of the incidence of Mansonia spp. and the relevance of population parameters in the implementation of control measures for hydroelectric use in the Amazon.
Márcia Rúbia Silva Melo
AntiplasmoDerSeSi - Study of the in vitro and in vivo antiplasmodic activity of semisynthetic derivatives of natural products from the Amazon.
DeSSiProdNatAm - Development of semisynthetic derivatives of natural products in the Amazon: new classes of substance with potential as antimalarial drugs.
Patricia Melchionna Albuquerque
Prospective analysis and applications of vegetal resources of the Amazonian forest.
Improvement of the Infrastructure of Science and Technology in Multidisciplinary Areas of Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences.
Molecules with antifungal potential in seeds, leaves and bark of tree species: Bioprospecting, use and sustainability of the Amazonian flora.
Hydrolytic Enzymes Produced by Amazonian Fungi.
Paulo de Tarso Barbosa Sampaio
Public Water.
Prospecting, characterization and productivity of oils from different species of the Central Amazon.
Rudi Emerson de Lima Procópio
New Substances With Antitumoral Activity.
Collection of Cultures.
Molecules With Antibacterial Activity.
Sandra Patrícia Zanotto
Innovation Management for Implementation of the Bionorte Network and Sustainable Use of Amazonian Biodiversity.
CT- BIOTEC / BIONORTE - General Project: Obtaining of microorganisms from the Amazon, production of metabolites of economic and ecological importance. Sub-Project: Evaluation of the potential use of fungi in the degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons.
Supervisor DCR - Potential of Bacteria of the Negro, Solimões and Madeira rivers, in the Production of Biopolymers.
INCT - NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Center of Energy, Environment and Biodiversity.
NANOBIOTEC-BRASIL NETWORK Research Network on Formation and Biofunctionalization of Edital Surface 04 / CII-2008.
Spartaco Astolfi Filho
Genomics and proteomics applied to the identification of metabolic pathways and specific immunological responses of plasmids and anophelines vectors of human interest: isolation and production of possible new drugs from the Brazilian biodiversity.
Wanderli Pedro Tadei
Incidence of Mansonia spp. and relevance of population parameters in the implementation of control measures for hydroelectric use in the Amazon.
AMPLI INPA - Expansion of the Technological and Multiuser Capacity of the MCTI - INPA.
NANOLAB - Multiuser Laboratory of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of the Amazon.
Pro-Amazon Program: biodiversity and sustainability.
Prospecting of antimalarials and products of insecticidal action / repellents of Amazonian flora: inhibition of Plasmodium spp., Mechanism of action of plant extracts, their chemical constituents and the introduction of new technologies in vector control.
Project ADAPTA.
INPA Research Program in Rio Negro - Fronteiras Project.
Anopheles darlingi Genomic Studies: Transcriptome and Chromosome Physical Mapping.
Malaria and Dengue: Vectors and control actions.
Study of the insecticidal action of plants of the family Piperaceae.
Genomic studies of Anopheles darlingi: Transcriptome and chromosomal physical mapping.
Monitoring of Petrobrás´ areas of activity: Potential Environmental Risks of the Petroleum Industry - PIATAM III: identification of environmental sensors.
Implementation and evaluation of malaria control actions in Manaus and studies of their vectors.
Érica Simplicio de Souza
Degradation of glyphosate (N-phosphonomethyl glycine) by fungi isolated from the soil of the Amazon Forest
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