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Research Topics
> Field 1 - Hematology
The objectives are to investigate the epidemiological profiles, pathophysiology, treatment and supportive therapy of benign and malignant hematological diseases. It encompasses studies ranging from clinical manifestations to changes in the cellular (white cells, red cells, and platelets) and molecular level of hematological diseases. It also includes infectious processes caused by viruses, protozoa, bacteria and fungi that are more prevalent in patients with hematological diseases due to specific biological characteristics (e.g., immunosuppression and opportunistic microorganisms) or epidemiological (eg hemoglobinopathies and tropical diseases), whose interaction results in questions of scientific interest in the intersection of hematology with areas such as infectology, microbiology and immunology. Finally, it contemplates the specific therapeutic lines or support for patients with malignant and benign hemopathies.
> Field 2 - Hemotherapy
The objectives are to develop research involving antibodies and antigens of blood groups erythrocyte, platelet and leukocyte, as well as studies that allow the understanding of risks related to blood transfusion, ranging from the blood donors screening, to the quality of blood conservation processes and procedures, the methods of quality control and safety, the immediate and late consequences of blood and components transfusion, the epidemiological , molecular and genetic profiles of diseases transmitted by blood, the possible relationship with hematological or infectious diseases, among others, and the development or implantation of research in the scope of clinical, laboratory and molecular diagnostic protocols.
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